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What Members Love Most About The DPHA

There Are 5 Membership Categories

Dealer Member

To join as a DPHA Dealer member, you must be a privately held company whose primary business is the sale of luxury decorative plumbing and/or hardware to the consumer public or specifying trade; and have at least one retail showroom with a minimum of 1,000 square feet of showroom space or at least 2/3 of the showroom space exclusively dedicated to luxury decorative plumbing and/or hardware merchandise.

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Manufacturer/Importer Member

To join as a Manufacturer/Importer member of DPHA, you must be a legal entity whose primary function is to manufacture, assemble, finish or import luxury decorative plumbing and/or hardware items.

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Representative Member

To join as a Representative member of DPHA, you must be an individual or agency whose primary business represents goods and services provided by luxury manufacturers and importers of decorative plumbing and/or hardware merchandise.

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Professional Member

To join as a Professional Member of DPHA, you must be a business or individual offering products and services to showrooms, manufacturers, manufacturer representatives and trade associates whose principal business does not qualify them for membership in another DPHA membership category.

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Trade Associate Member

To join as a Trade Associate member of DPHA, you must be an architect, designer, custom builder, contractor or other trade professional involved in the specification and/or installation of decorative plumbing and/or hardware products or services.

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Awards DPHA Members Are Eligible To Win

Plumbing Fixture of the Year

Water Delivery Product of the Year

Furniture Product of the Year

Accessory Product of the Year

Hardware Product of the Year

Dealers' Choice Award

Showroom Professional of the Year

Representative Professional of the Year

Manufacturer Professional of the Year

Customer Service Department of the Year

Showroom of the Year

Representative Agency of the Year

Hear More From "Raving Fans" Of The DPHA

DPHA Members Benefit From:

  • Programs and publications that improve business operations.
  • The only comprehensive education program for the DPH industry.
  • The industry‚Äôs only program that recognizes DPH sales professionals for their product knowledge and sales skills.
  • A voice that advances and protects the independent DPH channel
  • A community where like-minded professionals come together to share solutions and ideas for making DPH businesses more competitive and successful

Why Should You Belong To The DPHA In 2019? Here's What You Will Receive As A DPHA Member:

  • DPHA published Bathroom Lighting, the twenty-second volume in the heralded DPHA Education Program. The DPHA Education Program is the nation's only educational tool developed for the DPH industry and available only to DPHA members.
  • DPHA created the industry's first showroom sales professional recognition program that recognizes and rewards showroom professionals for their product knowledge and sales skills and makes a statement that those who sell decorative plumbing and hardware are involved in a dynamic, rewarding profession.
  • DPHA continues to provide compelling content weekly through its electronic e-letter Connections. Testimony to the Connections effectiveness is the fact that the open rate runs roughly 35% weekly for the past 3 years.
  • The DPHA Awards Program offers the industry the only national opportunity to recognize and honor outstanding showrooms, products, representatives, manufactures and professionals.
  • The DPHA Product Showcase is the industry's most meaningful venue for showrooms, manufacturers and representatives to interact in productive settings, and eliminates the need for many manufacturers to attend more costly events that do not provide the same return on investment.
  • The DPHA Annual Conference is one of the most important and largest events that bring together the three principal players in decorative plumbing and hardware: dealers, manufacturers and representatives.
  • DPHA published quarterly columns in Kitchen & Bath Design News, presenting ideas and management practices to improve bottom-line performance while serving as the voice of the industry.
  • DPHA regional meetings provide opportunities for showroom staff to experience the networking, educational content and DPH community on their own turf at very little expense.
  • DPHA offers a bottom line benefit to help screen and match prospective employees by providing discounts on employee evaluation programs.
  • DPHA posts on its LinkedIn group and Facebook page offer practical guidance, industry trends and sales tips to help expand your business.
  • DPHA is providing extraordinary value for its membership, evidenced by the fact that more than 90% of 2017 members rejoined in 2018.
  • Keep your fingers on the pulse of your industry. Connections is a weekly communication laser-focused on industry and association news to help improve DPHA member businesses.
  • New education program modules are in the pipeline on subject matter that members have requested.

DPHA has tangible, productive, viable and valuable deliverables that help with daily operations. DPHA will continue to build upon its solid foundation to create even more value and competitive advantages for our members. We need your support and participation to assure that DPHA continues to develop products, services and deliverables that provide your business with competitive advantages.

Join today and watch your profitability soar.

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